• What is your school calendar?

The School Academic year starts last week of May every year. Summative Assessment-I will be conducted in the month of October and Summative Assessment-II
will be by 2nd week of March

  • What are your school hours?

Monday to Friday 9.00AM to 4.00PM

Saturdays 9.00AM to 12.30PM

  • Do you have transportation services?

Yes, we do have out-sourced transportation facilities throughout Mysore city.

  • What are your class sizes?

We take only 20 students per classroom to give Individual care. Each classroom size is of 500 sq ft for more comfortable learning.

  • Do you have uniforms for the Students?

Yes, we do have dress code for our students. The details are mentioned in the School Diary, which will be provided at the time of admission.

  • What kind of shoes should my Child Wear?

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday : Black shoes with white socks

Wednesday & Saturday: White canvas shoes with white socks.

  • Can parents use the facilities at Bensons?

No, it is strictly for the benefit of Students.

  • How do you select my child’s teacher?

We take extra care while selecting the teaching faculty by following many procedures such as different level of Interviews and demonstration classes etc.

I would like to exchange e-mails with a parent at your school. Can you recommend anyone I can get in touch with?

Parent’s contact information can be given upon their consent.