Bensons International Academy
is committed to each child achieving his or her academic potential. BIA’s curriculum is based on outcomes that emphasize high expectations and promote
world perspectives. Through the attainment of these outcomes, our students receive a world-class education that prepares them to be the leaders of

The curriculum, teaching staff, and support services at Bensons International Academy combine to provide an environment that challenges every student
academically, and allows every student the opportunity to be successful.

Elementary School

BIA’s Elementary School is dedicated to providing a challenging learning environment, which is child-centered, well-balanced and aims to develop the whole
child. Our school is a center of creativity and joyful learning, with students coming together to learn, to dream and to grow.

The staff that comprise BIA’s Elementary School – from our instructional assistants, to our teachers to our administrators – all share a
common bond. We care deeply about each of the children that we have the privilege of working with, and it is that bond that drives us to do everything that
we can to ensure that each child obtains a love of learning that will contribute to his or her later successes.

Academic Standards

Our Elementary School is dedicated to providing a challenging learning environment, which is child-centered, well-balanced and aims to develop the whole
child. Our elementary staff, from our teachers, to our instructional assistants, to our principals share a common bond. We care about each child, and it is
this bond that drives us to do everything to ensure each child’s development.

When children are challenged on a daily basis, they learn how to problem solve, communicate their thinking, collaborate with others and develop as a whole
child. Our Elementary School provides the challenging and nurturing environment that children thrive in and set sound educational foundations on which to
build their futures.Curriculum

Students are at the center of everything we do at BIA Elementary School and parents are important and valued partners whose involvement in their children’s
education is critical to their success. It is our belief that when parents know what is expected at school, they are better able to provide the home
support of learning that all students need.

Student Progress

The Reporting Student Progress system of BIA’s Elementary School is designed to give frequent and specific feedback about a child’s progress. Each semester
highlights particular areas of a child’s growth and development. Each component should be viewed as part of a whole. The system, as a whole, will give you
comprehensive information about your child’s academic progress, personal and social skills and work and study habits.

The Reporting Student Progress program reports progress in a variety of contexts to parents such as report cards, progress reports, and parent-teacher

Middle School

BIA’s Middle School believes learning is a process in which each student discovers and constructs meaning from information and experience. The individual
needs, background, and development level of each student serve as the starting point for all middle school learning activities. In the classroom, the
teacher functions more in a guiding, supportive role than in the role of the disseminator of information. Students learn interpersonal skills and the
importance of community; they are valued and accepted, and, in return, learn to value and accept others.


Curriculum documents are organized around the outcomes that will be achieved by students when studying a specific course. All curriculum documents are
available for parents to review in the curriculum office and the MS principal’s office.

High School

The High School of Bensons International Academy is dedicated to fostering students’ intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development.

While we are committed to the development of the whole individual, we are primarily an academic institution. Thus, we seek to prepare students for higher
education, to challenge them intellectually, to impart a core of basic knowledge and skills and to develop their abilities to think critically, to
communicate effectively, and to learn independently.

Recognizing the diversity of our student body and the increasing interdependence of our world, we are committed to promoting cross-cultural understanding,
global awareness, open mindedness, and tolerance of differing points of view.